Anna Lemonaki / OR – Glory Of Little Dreams Théâtre du Loup, August 28, 2022, Geneva.

Anna Lemonaki / GOLD – Glory Of Little Dreams August 28 – September 1 Théâtre du Loup
Full rate: CHF 30.- / Reduced rate: CHF 20.- / Special rate: CHF 15.- / Festival rate: CHF 7.-
A theater show to discover as part of the 2022 edition of La Bâtie – Geneva Festival which takes place from August 25 to September 11!

Theater du Loup Chemin de la Gravière 10, 1227 Acacias Junction Geneva 1235 Geneva [{“link”: “”}]

Glory of small dreams

Our parents had promised us happiness, TV success, but glory is long overdue. So, one day, we say to ourselves “Let’s go”, we break our necks, then we scratch the small crust and the scar is still there, a memory of an indelible shame. Anna Lemonaki cited these small failures with performers, comedians, dancers, actors promised at the Oscars, gathered to testify in GOLD, to the glory of the little dreams. It all started in 1999, when as a child, the director watched the Oscars on television and heard the mistress of ceremonies, Whoopi Goldberg, declaring that anyone can become a star… Anna believed in it. She has since learned, the hard way and through the experiences of others as well as her own, that life is also made up of Grand Prix chess. Welcome to the delivery of the “Oh-Scars” of the small and large disillusions that constitute us! Welcome to the ceremony that glorifies the fallen dreams that grow us up! It’s to laugh, it’s to cry, to blush together for our rediscovered pride.

A 2022 creation, co-production of the Bâtie-Festival de Genève and the Théâtre du Loup
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