An eco-adventurer crosses the Pyrenees on foot to promote a more reasoned life

He defines himself as an eco-adventurer. Benjamin de Molliens started his zero expedition in mid-July. 800 km of crossing on foot of the Pyrenees to strive for zero waste, zero new equipment and zero carbon footprint. After 15 days of walking, he entered the department of L’Ariège this Sunday, July 31.

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You may come across him on the HRP, the high road of the Pyrenees, in the coming days. Benjamin de Molliens currently crosses the Pyrenean chain from west to east. 800 km of hiking to promote the emergence of new, more ecological practices.

Benjamin de Molliens became aware of the ecological emergency in 2017. At the time, he was living in San Francisco:“I saw staggering figures on plastic pollution at sea and it revolted me, he explains. Every minute 19 tonnes of plastic waste are thrown into the oceans. decided to create my first association Plastic Odyssée”.

Back in France, he continued his fight within the Sport Planète collective. In 3 years, Benjamin is on his 8th zero expedition in France.

For this 8th expedition, Benjamin set off on the high road of the Pyrenees in mid-July. 800 kms between Hendaye and Banyuls-sur-mer with all your luggage: a tent, a sleeping bag, a water bottle and a solar panel: “The idea is to show that we can travel differently while adapting to the challenges of global warming, explains Adrien Piquera, also a member of the Sport Planète collective. place along the way. We try to reduce our waste and our carbon footprint as much as possible.”

The zero expedition led by Benjamin de Molliens is in fact that of the triple zero towards which the environmental activist wants to strive: zero waste, zero new equipment and zero carbon borrowing: “At first we see it as a recognized constraint Benjamin de Molliens. We leave our comfort zone. But we have to make choices to change things, while remaining very moderately sure.”

Benjamin shares his adventure on his Instagram account.

In 15 days Benjamin discovered the Pyrenees as they would probably never have seen them without this challenge. He also met other hikers with whom he discussed his commitment: “I try to make them aware of product packaging, he says. They understand my approach and it helps to create debate without making them feel guilty.”

After more than a month of walking and 45,000 meters of elevation, Benjamin reached the Mediterranean Sea via Ariège, Andorra, Spain and the Pyrénées-Orientales around August 15.

Another challenge taken up by this 30-year-old who, in 3 years, has succeeded in reducing his carbon footprint from 14 tonnes to 4 tonnes per year. That is almost 3 times less than the French average.

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