Amazon’s carbon footprint grew 18% in 2021, 40% since 2019

Amazon’s 2021 Sustainability Report estimates the company emitted nearly 72 million tonnes of carbon equivalent, Bloomberg reports, a 40% increase from 2019, when it began measuring its carbon footprint.

The increase is believed to be due to the company’s rapid growth during the pandemic, which outstripped efforts to reduce its contribution to global warming.

Amazon has become an issuer” net zero of greenhouse gases by 2040, recalls Bloomberg. Our colleague underlines that said a hole in the racket: the accounting by Amazon of its carbon footprint would indeed include the emissions emitted by its own offices and datacenters, the electricity which it buys, the emissions due to its deliveries, and the manufacturing of Amazon-branded products, among others “.

However, and unlike some retailers, the Seattle-based company does not attempt to account for the emissions that go into making the products it sells, with the exception of its private label merchandise “.


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