Amazon Business has generated 10 billion…

Amazon reveals this September 11 what weighs on its e-commerce platform intended for Amazon Business professionals: it displays a volume of business of more than 10 billion dollars in the world and offers access to more than 250 million products and hundreds of thousands of merchants worldwide.

Babilou, Chauffeur Privé, Legos, Compte Nickel, PSA MotorSport, Technicolor and Webedia buy for example on this platform, published in February 2018 in France. New functionalities have been integrated since the launch: e-shoppers can now personalize their catalog to indicate their preferences for certain categories of articles, they can also obtain discounts on large volumes of purchases.

“Since we [commercialisons nos produits sur Amazon Business] last February, we continue to see our sales increase”, underlines Serge Florès, Director France Medical Industry. “These now represent more than 10% of our sales on Amazon in terms of volume, but with an average basket twice higher than that achieved with individuals.

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