Alphabet announces its desire to file for bankruptcy

Google Russia bankrupt. The Russian special military operation in Ukraine claims a new victim. And not least. Google Russia, the subsidiary of the American interest giant Alphabet file for bankruptcy. Reality created by disagreements between him and the authorities of the Russian Federation. Some lines of understanding are given to us by the Forbes newspaper. (READ ALSO: Alert Ukraine: Google Adsense suspends these contents from monetization).

According to Forbes online newspaper, Google Russia is “ forced to file for bankruptcy after the seizure of his bank account by the Russian authorities. However, to indicate his willingness to stay regardless, Google’s spokesperson in a statement said that ” Knowledgeable Russians on our services to access quality information “. A company’s desire to keep YouTube and other services running.

Google Russia against Russian fire

Simple monopolistic pride or error of analysis on the stakes of the events taking place in Eastern Europe? The answer is simple. Russian authorities stop issuing warnings about Silicon Valley’s refusal to comply with Moscow’s directives. With regard to the information that the firm must leave available on its site. (READ ALSO: Google says no to neighboring rights and makes its meta-description optional).

“Last March, Google removed all advertising in Russia. In addition, the internet giant has banned YouTube channels of Kremlin-controlled Russian media worldwide and refused to remove from YouTube information about the war deemed in demand in Russia.. No wonder, then, that Google has become Russia’s enemy in the full sense of the word. (READ ALSO: Here’s why Dmitry Medvedev is ironic about Macron’s visit to Ukraine).

Pressure on Wiki

On the impression, any analysis made on the productions and management of Western information, that since the beginning of this conflict, the old and new media of Europe, America and the countries of the EU and the NATO, choose the anti-Russian side. This is in defiance of moral rectitude and the unbiased rendering of information. Another American site is on the Russian target. It is the giant Wikipedia which “refuses”, according to Forbes, to stop Ukrainian propaganda in the content of its collaborators.

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