Algeria crowns its Miss Gold 2022

People – Algeria now knows its new Miss Gold 2022! Find out who the lucky winner is in the few lines that follow this article. Stay tuned! It’s just below.

Events follow one another in Algeria! Indeed, in recent months, we have witnessed several events in the country. In particular the famous 19th edition of the Mediterranean Games (JM), in the capital of the West. Then the great military parade in Algiers on the occasion of the 60ᵉ anniversary of independence. This time, it will be the crowning of Miss Gold 2022 in Algeria. Here are the details.

Thus, we learn that Algeria has crowned its new Miss Gold for this year 2022. This is a competition for young Algerian women which has taken place every year since its launch in 2018. For this edition, several magnificent young women from various parts of the Algerian territory marched in front of a jury in the hope of being elected Miss Gold.

Like any competition, only one place is reserved for the winner. For the current year, 2022, it is Chaïma Merdassi who won the title of Miss Gold. This is what the Algerian blogger Rabah Allaoua reports. Indeed, they were several to claim the title of this competition. But, in the end, it was the radiant blonde who won out.

algeria miss gold 2022

Who is elected Mister Gold 2022?

In the same vein, it should be noted that the Mister Gold Algeria 2022 competition took place on the same day in Oran. Indeed, on the men’s side, there were eight (8) in total to apply. In detail, the names of those concerned are, among others, Zouaoui Maouwadj, Walid Ben Allal, a competent Ghouti.

In addition, the list also includes Oussama Rekad, Abdelmounaim Belabid, Sid Ahmed Habib. We also mention Nadjib Ouahnane and Abderrazak Ben Yakoub. Finally, it is the latter who is crowned for the title of the most handsome man in Algeria in 2022.

algeria miss gold 2022 algeria miss gold 2022

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