Air quality is now shown in the app

Google Maps wants to help you breathe easier. Google’s mapping and GPS tool deployed a new “layer” on June 8 to consult the air quality in a specific area, report Numerama.

The novelty was announced last spring. In its blog post, Google specifies that the option is currently only available in the United States, Australia and India, on iOS and Android applications. It will be deployed elsewhere but no date for this expansion has been communicated.

Tools already existing in France

For this new tool, Google Maps collects data from different sources. In the United States, the app is based on government agencies and on PurpleAir and its network of local sensors. On the layer, it is thus possible to quickly consult the air quality index, accompanied by a color code, and to obtain more information by clicking on the location.

A major issue in terms of public health, especially in cities where pollution reigns, air quality has become a subject of concern in recent years. In France, several tools make it possible to consult the air quality index throughout the territory, like Air Quality Now or AirParif (for Ile-de-France only). There is no doubt that Google’s future option will be based on these existing tools to develop its data.

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