after the trial, tension between lawyers and magistrates

Xavier Nogueras, lawyer for defendant Mohammed Amri, and Johnathan De Taye, lawyer for defendant Ali El Haddad Asufi, speak to the press at the Paris courthouse on June 29, 2022. GEOFFROY VAN DER HASSELT/AFP

STORY – The first ensure that “the rights of defense have been abused”. For the judges, the absence of an appeal proves that “justice has passed”.

The sequence is ruined. The column of some of the lawyers for the defense of the November 2015 attacks, published in The world on July 19, showered the magistrates as a whole, and those of anti-terrorism in particular.

This text, which denounces a political trial, “no copy” and or “the rights of the defense have been abused”went badly with the magistrates, who believe that “justice has passed”. Proof of this is, according to them, the absence of appeal from the defence, the civil parties and the terrorist prosecution, whose requisitions are far from having been systematically followed.

The fact that the court did not follow the requisitions proves that the latter took into account the debates as well as the pleadings


The majority of the sentences were lower than the requisitions. And, apart from the five defendants tried in their absence and presumed dead, life imprisonment was only suffered by Salah Abdeslam and Mohamed Abrini. Incompressible for the first, it is accompanied by a 22-year security sentence for the second. For the thirteen other defendants, the sentences range from two to thirty years. “The fact that the court did not follow the requisitions…

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