After Ethereum, it’s Ethereum Classic’s turn to perform, here’s why!

While Ethereum suffered a sharp increase in recent daysas we have previously explained here. Ethereum Classic outperforms with an increase of more than 75% in just 7 days! For those unfamiliar with the usefulness and history of this cryptocurrency, Ethereum classic (ETC) emerged after a high-profile hack of the original blockchain, Ethereum (ETH) in 2016.

While the crypto market has been falling since the start of 2022, Ethereum Classic outperformed and overtook the original blockchain Ethereum. Analyze this more closely in this blog post.

After Ethereum, it’s Ethereum Classic’s turn to perform

Indeed, since the beginning of 2022 the Ethereum Classic (ETC) fell only 28% compared to the original Ethereum which has decrease of more than 59%. Additionally, ETC bottomed out last week at around $13 and is now back up to over $25! That is an increase of more than 87%.

If we look at the side of original Ethereum, it has increased by more than 54% over the same period ranging from approximately 1000 dollars to 1500 dollars in 7 days.

Over $15 billion worth of mining equipment will no longer be usable on #ethereum, with the majority migrating to #EthereumClassic $etc. Institutional investors prefer ETC for fundamentals. Not the #NFT scammers and their spam. @EthClassicDAO. It’s about to get intense. #Bitcoins

At 6:49 p.m. French time, the 22nd cryptocurrency by market cap, (ETC)is trading at just over $25.33 a piece, up 12.75% on the day and 78.34% over the past seven days.

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In the meantime 2nd cryptocurrency by market cap, (ETH)is trading at $1,562, up 4.29% in one day and 44.41% in the last seven days.

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