A Ukrainian sniper killed Vladimir Andonov, one of the most famous (and worst) soldiers of the Wagner Group

The 44-year-old man was sometimes nicknamed “The Executor”. This shows that Vladimir Andonov, a member of the Wagner Group, lawless mercenaries regularly used by Vladimir Putin in his conflicts around the world, dragged a sinister reputation behind him.

Very active in the Donbass since 2014 or in the armed annexation of Crimea by Russia, Vladimir Andonov, also called “the Buryatia volunteer” or “Vakha”, was notably suspected of having carried out prisoners of Ukrainian war after the capture of the village of Lohvynove, in Donetsk Oblast.

“There are no more survivors among the ‘dills'”of this pejorative nickname given by the Russians to the Ukrainians, would have declared the mercenary during an interview, according to the Peacekeeper site, which keeps track of the crimes committed by the invading armies.

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A priori, no one in Ukraine apart from his mercenary comrades will mourn the loss of such a man: as Business Insider reports, the information having apparently been revealed by media close to Russia, one or more snipers The Ukrainians would have ended up having the skin of Vladimir Andonov.

Vladimir Andonov was not content with committing alleged war crimes in Ukraine in 2014. Keeping a low profile in the following years, he would never have participated in the bloody operations of the Wagner Group in Libya and Syria: he would thus have been recognized among the participants in the Espiaa massacre, south of Tripoli.

If Andonov is gone, he might not be the only one to have joined the dandelion roots six feet under. According to Ukrainian army officials, a base occupied by members of the Wagner Group in the Luhansk region was successfully bombed: twenty-two of its occupants died there.

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