A Toulouse company invents revolutionary windows to limit the impact of the sun

The Immoblade company offers a new technology to limit the impact of the sun in buildings. (©Immoblade)

Beat the heat with the windows? This is what Immoblade, a Toulouse company. Since 2018, the company has passed on in this project. The goal is to reduce the use of air conditioner and allow a thermal optimization. This start is expanding thanks to its bioclimatic glazing. So how does it work ?

Genesis of a revolutionary idea

The idea came from Xavier Sembely, the co-founder of Immoblade. The latter, who previously worked in the space sector, had a house built in the country of Comminges west facing. However, this orientation in the south of France brings enormously (see too much) heat in summer. It was then that Xavier Sembely embarked on making a the solution to his problem. “For that, he wanted something robust and efficientsays his partner Patrick Callec, and that’s how the concept of lame sunscreen. »

Windows that diffuse the sun’s rays

In 2015, the patent was filed, and in 2018 the two men set up their company: Immoblade. The principle of this specific glazing consists of kinds of streaks etched in the glass. These streaks will deflect the sun’s rays, therefore justifying them to heat the equipped buildings. In winter, the principle has the opposite effect. The streaks this time make it possible to warm up the structures by letting in the sun. ” It’s about a geometry particular calculated using a algorithm explains Patrick Callec.

The streaks of the windows allow optimization of the sun's rays.
The streaks of the windows allow optimization of the sun’s rays. (©Immoblade)

Reduction of the carbon footprint and not only…

This solution therefore proves to be optimal both in terms of ecologicalby reducing energy consumption, but also on an economic level, in proven de facto the energy bill. Depending on the type of building, these glazings save 10 to 15% on the carbon footprint.

For the Immoblade team, the most important thing is to improve the thermal comfort of its customers, air conditioning consumption limiter which is very energy-intensive and therefore reduces the carbon footprint. Moreover, this innovation has been recognized by the authorities by fulfilling the criteria of the FDES (Environmental and health declaration form)”.

No specific maintenance

The maintenance cost of these windows is zero. “You just have to maintain them like conventional windows. Our productions are made tailored depending on the orientation of the building we are dealing with,” continues the co-founder. Therefore, the glazing adapts both new and older buildings.

Already many customers

The Toulouse-based company provides business buildingsof the offices or even schools across France with its glazing. “We can hope for perceptions of evolution abroad, but we are concentrating for the moment on the french market says the entrepreneur.

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