a new shortcut to manage your passwords more easily

Google’s password manager built directly into Android is now a shortcut.

You may not know it, but Android includes a password manager that can be very handy. However, the path to get there is a bit difficult. According to 9to5Googlethe Mountain View firm has decided to create a shortcut to make it easier for its users.

Suffice to say that this method is much faster than the old one. Previously, you had to go this route: open Settings > open Password & Security > open Manage Passwords > tap Google.

Installer comment?

This new feature is delivered with the latest version of Google Play Services (version 22.18). The best way to install it is to open the dedicated page and click on the install or update button if it is available.

Once installed, you will find a new option in your password manager: “Add a shortcut to your home screen. »

This is what the shortcut looks like:

Google Password Manager (2)

A nice addition, even if the installation method will certainly leave many users on the floor. You must already know the manager well to have access to it. Too bad Google does not offer a simpler shortcut, see a widget directly integrated into Android.

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