a new judgment awaits the Corrèze company Eyrein Industrie

The management of Eyrein Industrie was heard on Tuesday January 11 at the Criminal Court of Tulle to answer for its responsibility for the leaks of chemicals into the Montane river in 2018. The decision concerning this pollution will be rendered on March 8.

No fish survived for 5km, they floated on the surface, asphyxiated “, ensures the approved association for fishing and protection of the aquatic environments of Monédières trout, civil party in this lawsuit for pollution.

A real carnage for trout. There was foam at the Gimel waterfalls for several days

Marc Bouvard – President APPMA des Monédières

For its president Marc Bouvard, the presence of these chemicals has clearly modified the biodiversity of Montane. This foam, the thickness of which could reach up to two meters drew the attention of local residents and a police investigation was carried out immediately after.

For three days, from Sunday August 12 to Tuesday August 14, 2018, an toxic liquid has contaminated the eastern part of the stream. The pollution, qualified as accidental by the investigation, is linked to a leak from one of the tanks of the company Eyrein Industrie.

Eric Magne, the director, acknowledged the existence of this leak at the helm as well as the product manufactured by Eyrein Industrie as a source of pollution. However, he denies his direct responsibility “It was Sunday, we don’t work on Saturdays or Sundays “Report our colleagues from La Montagne. Pleading for release, he also claims not to have been kept informed of the state of the tanks, thus making any anticipation of the problem impossible.

This defense is deemed unacceptable for the civil parties, since in 2012 a similar event had already taken place: the company manufacturing cleaning products for professionals had been found guilty of discharging substances harmful to the aquatic environment into fresh water. Then another in 2015 where Eyrein Industrie was fined €50,000 for ecological damage.

The majority of this sum was donated to associations

in charge of living heritage to start a site for the renaturation and recolonization of Montane species. A site renewed with each new pollution event and whose repetitive nature is all the more feared as it depletes the river bed. Taking into account the multiple recidivism, the Public Prosecutor requested a fine of €20,000 against the company. Judgment will be delivered on March 8.

Recall that this SME, put to use during the health crisis by producing more than one hundred tons of hydroalcoholic gel per month, saw its turnover increase by 15% between 2019 and 2020. The management of the company announced in 2021 an investment plan of 3.2 million euros, financed up to €500,000 by France Relance, to modernize its production sites and in particular the expansion of its premises in Corrèze in order to improve the storage conditions of its raw materials and meet the ICPE standards (installations classified for the protection of the environment) required by the State. AAPPMA of Tulle

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