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[CONTENU PARTENAIRE] Consumers today talk about the brands they consume or wish to consume on social networks. Hence the interest for them to learn how to manage their image online. A good e-reputation is cultivated, and among the tools available, the company Meltwater (specialized in marketing, communication and digital) offers solutions adapted to each case. Xavier Lélut, EMEA Account Executive Director at Meltwater, explains how centralizing and analyzing all these messages represents a real competitive advantage today.

Why is the presence of brands on social networks so important?

They have become real topics of conversation! The majority of content produced is not produced by the brands themselves, but by Internet users. Affirming your presence on social networks was already a major challenge a few years ago. Confinement and the development of social networks (notably TikTok) have made it an emergency.

This turning point marks a revival in the way a brand can understand how its products are received. Strengthening one’s online presence and being attentive to what is said on social networks are therefore crucial issues for a marketing director today.

What can be the performance indicators?

They are numerous ! On social networks, performance indicators are, for example, the size of the community, overall engagement, mentions, sentiment, share of voice or the echo of media coverage. Actions with influencers can also extend its visibility. To track the sales generated by influencers, several operations can then be implemented: tracking pixel, personalized promo code, Shopify integration, etc.

And who says reporting on social media, necessarily says ROI! The Social Media ROI allows the marketing and communication department to understand what its impact on social media may be, in comparison with the ROI of its advertising campaigns on search engines or its e-mailing campaigns. Thanks to the Social Media ROI, the management can then make the most relevant decisions to increase a marketing and communication strategy.

Why use a media monitoring & social listening solution?

The watch market represents 4,800 billion dollars. Nearly 50% is social media listening, with a 20% increase year over year. This is a massive progression if it is to be compared to the press monitoring sector, whose value tends to decrease. It is certain that this trend will increase over time. However, no human is capable of recovering millions of messages posted every day about a company.

This is why a leader needs solutions to control the e-reputation of his company. Hence the importance of relying on reliable tools, that is to say, exhaustive in the feedback of information and capable of evolving at the pace of the market. Meltwater just knows how to be nimble to best support companies, whatever their needs or changes in the sector.

Added to this idea of ​​support is the notion of consulting. Meltwater’s consultants guide companies by being particularly proactive. Each of our customers can thus find the solution best suited to their expectations and needs.

Can you present your different tools?

We offer a set of tools to meet all the needs of a communication and marketing department today. First, we offer for example monitoring tools (press and social networks) to help them direct their brand strategy. We also havean influential component. Meltwater helps marketing and communication professionals manage an influencer marketing strategy from A to Z: influencer detection, campaign deployment, ROI measurement, community management, etc.

We create editorial schedules on social networks, so that posts are published automatically. On the communications side, our PR software makes it possible to identify who the journalists are able to tackle a particular subject. Thanks to this solution, companies can send press releases to the right people.

Finally, audience analysis helps our customers understand who makes up their audience, understand the search and purchase behavior of specific customer groups, their consumption habits, etc.

You have also made acquisitions this year to complete this ecosystem. Can you say a few words about this?

We have now built the most complete suite of marketing and communication tools on the market. As such, much of the technology that accompanies our solutions has been developed by us. We also invest a lot each year in R&D. However, our sector is changing very quickly.. A new social network can appear overnight (as was the case with Clubhouse), and new features can be created and then taken over on each of the platforms. This is the case with stories.

It is therefore essential to follow the sustained pace of change in our sector. Consequently, we have indeed acquired companies with extremely cutting-edge technology, to complete our ecosystem, thus enabling us to offer the best possible service to the marketing and communication departments.

In March 2021, we then acquired the French company Linkfluence, which specializes in audience analysis. In April 2021, our partnership with the company Klear (specialized in influence) also turned into a buyout. Finally, our latest acquisition was made in June 2021 with the company Owler, which is a competitive intelligence tool for brands.

Can you cite an example of business support?

Meltwater now supports more than 30,000 companies. To take the example of the beauty sector, trend monitoring allows our customers to identify trends and products that appeal to consumers. Thanks to this analysis, brands know which products to develop to better meet demand and reach new audiences.

In conclusion, you conducted a survey on the evolution of social networks in 2022. What was the purpose?

Our survey ended on October 25, 2021 and will be published in November. It was aimed at experts in the marketing, communication and social media sectors. This report will broadly outline how Covid-19 has changed the way social media is viewed. We analyze their current importance in the strategy of an organization.

Readers will also be able to find out what share of B2B and B2C companies are using influencer marketing today, and how much they plan to invest next year, which social network they use the most or even the top 3 of the indicators measured by companies to evaluate their performance on social media. We hope that this report will enable marketing and communication departments to be better equipped to attack 2022 by giving them a global vision of their sector and its developments.

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