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The sale of online training consists of marketing one’s own training or that of other people. It involves mastering several essential basics of digital marketing. Overview of good practices.

Online training sales: a very healthy market

The context of the pandemic has given us a lot of free time. Some people have chosen to use this time to acquire new knowledge or develop new habits. Training and coaching thus make it possible to acquire knowledge that would otherwise be difficult. The online training offers are now very numerous and offer a vast number of subjects: training in dropshipping, adopting the mindset of the entrepreneur, overcoming shyness or getting started in catering.

Lifestyle and personal development training, as well as coaching, continue to sell very well. How can the success of this type of program be explained? They surf on the human tendency to want to improve his condition or his own person. As long as people are hungry for learning and change, this market has proven to be doing well. To fit in, you will understand that it is not enough to be good at your field of trainingeven if this component remains of course essential.

The keys to a successful training sale

Training is a product that has no fitness and can be a relatively hard sell. To put the odds on your side, it is necessary to go through certain steps. The first step is knowing your offer, what you are selling. Training in entrepreneurship, business English, etiquette and decorum or even coaching to boost self-confidence : you must fully know and identify what your training can bring to future learners.

Then take the time to get to know your target well and establish your “buyer persona”. This work will allow you to know what your target is looking for, how they seek information, etc. You will then be able to communicate via the most suitable media and which will have the best chance of being consulted by qualified leads.

It is then necessary to approach the concept of funnel of conversion, which rests on three pillars: the notoriety, the engagement of the audience and the conversion into customer. We recommend using a maximum of media and channels to communicate. On the one hand you will reach as many people as possible, and on the other hand it will increase the confidence of your audience. Communication and interaction efforts will give your position ofexpert in your field of training. If your prospects find themselves in front of an interlocutor who has relevant things to say, they will be more inclined to buy training.

The sale of online training is often privileged with a free “discovery” offer intended to reassure your audience. It usually comes in the form of unlockable content by providing its email address. This allows the person to learn more about you, and on your side, it allows you to collect contacts of prospects potentially already sought by what you offer.

The challenges of selling online training

The sale of training allows companies to diversify their activities and generate turnover. Each company has its own area of ​​expertise and this knowledge base necessarily has an audience. Your training could, for example, be of interest to students or young graduates wishing to benefit from sound advice and the experience of a person who has already been working in the profession for several years.

Before you start, you must already identify what you want to sell. What type of knowledge? You need to make sure you have the necessary expertise to get started in training. An effective strategy is to position yourself in a thematic niche or a very specific sector. This limits the competition, but note that unless you already have a solid audience, it will be difficult to promote yourself.

If your audience is not yet sufficiently developed, you will absolutely have to start there if you want to sell your courses yourself. Otherwise, you can commission an external person to marketing your offer. It will then be necessary to select a person with a very developed audience and among whom you will find your target. The sales script is usually provided by the person providing the training.


Tips for Successful Online Sales Training

Do you know what you want to sell? We give you some advice to penetrate the market more easily thanks to your idea and thus succeed in selling your training.

Master your offer at your fingertips

If you are embarking on training, it is essential that you have a perfect mastery of your subject. It is therefore not a question of taking one at random and gleaning superficial information on the themebecause anyone can do it.

When you choose your theme, justify the necessary expertise and experience. Also check that your offer is not already strongly represented in the market. As a new actor, you’re going to have a hard time standing out unless you bring a fresh take or approach the subject from an entirely different angle.

Adapt your sales strategy to your offer and your audience

You will have to develop content specific to your theme and adapt it to your equally specific clientele. There must be consistency between this content and your commercial offer.

L’formation’s goal is to pass on knowledge that you already have. You will also have to determine what part of this knowledge you will give away for free to attract the public.

Choose your sales channel carefully

If you sell your training yourself, you will have to adapt your speech. You will have to adopt a professional tone, because at this stage it will no longer be a question of making yourself known, but of convincing your current audience to consume your products.

If, on the other hand, you choose an intermediary to sell your training, this person will have to persuade his community. It is therefore wise to choose speakers who are already familiar with your theme. The choice of this intermediary should be made according to the size of the audience and the conversion potential. It is therefore necessary that its community already has affinities for your offer. You then want to sell training on the status of autoentrepreneur? An effective strategy is to make this training freely available to your chosen intermediary. He will then be perfectly able to sell your product, especially if your training has already helped him in the past.

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