A $5 Trillion Metaverse – McKinsey Report

On both sides – The McKinsey firm publishes the results of its study on the metaverse. The data provides insight into business and consumer expectations of these virtual worlds.

McKinsey published on June 15, 2022, a report on the “ Creation of value in the metaverse “. The document contains key figures on the subject, which come from two global surveys:

  • one study collected data from 3,104 consumers in 11 countries;
  • another interviewed the leaders of 448 companies in 15 sectors in 10 countries.

Based on this information, McKinsey then estimates that metaverses can generate a market ranging from up to $5 trillion by 2030. The firm also deducted this amount from business and consumer use cases of metaverses.

And on the company side, three numbers of statistics from the surveys of executives present the enthusiasm of their organizations for metaverses:

  • 95% of executives expect metaverse to positively impact their industry within five to ten years;
  • 61% expect the metaverse to change ” moderately the mode of operation of their sector » ;
  • 24% believe that metaverses could produce 15% growth on their company’s total margin in five years.

The results of the investigation also showed that the changes affected in particular:

  • consumer and retail;
  • the media;
  • telecommunications;
  • health ;

These sectors have already launched initiatives in the metaverse.

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User behavior: virtual better than physical?

On the consumer side, the firm foresees five main use cases for metaverses:

  • the game ;
  • socialization;
  • the physical form ;
  • trade;
  • distance learning.

According to McKinsey, 60% of consumers surveyed further prefers at least one activity in the metaverse to its equivalent in the physical world.

Another statistic, describing consumer behavior, predicts a bright future for commerce in these virtual worlds. The McKinsey study reveals that 79% of currently active consumers in the metaverse have already made a purchase.

E-commerce was also producing, according to the firm, between 2,000 and 2,600 billion dollars impact by 2030.

These McKinsey discounts thus add to other optimistic perspectives on metaverses, such as this study which estimates the amount of transactions in these virtual universes at 800 billion dollars.

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