80% of members satisfied!

The “Paris Region Business Club” is also a digital service

This online service, accessible to all, aims to develop collaborations between Ile-de-France businesses. Whether it’s sourcing, tendering, or even finding a subcontractor.

Access the service: parisregionbusinessclub.smartidf

After 3 years of existence of the Paris Region Business Club (PRBC)the Île-de-France Region conducted during the summer a survey of more than 3,500 members of this Île-de-France business club.

The Region listens to businesses

Entitled “Which Paris Region Business Club for Ile-de-France businesses? », the investigation revealed that 80% of members find the club useful.

And 9 out of 10 respondents say they want to get even more involved in the economic development of the Ile-de-France region.
For this, 53% say they use the smart digital directory of the Paris Region Business Club smart service to work primarily with other businesses in the Ile-de-France region.

Towards an economic ecosystem in the Ile-de-France region

Reading the responses received in the context of this survey, it appears that the main centers of interest of entrepreneurs revolve around the following themes:

  • Funding,
  • Ecological transition,
  • Digital transition and cybersecurity,
  • Export,
  • Employment and training.

Overall, the members consider that the Paris Region Business Club is very useful for find out about:

  • calls for projects,
  • Funding,
  • The systems put in place by Raegionot for companies.

Promote links between members

To continue to assess and improve the operation of this club, some express the wish to take advantage of more opportunities to meet and get in touch with investors, business leaders or key accounts.
A wish that will be taken into account by the Region in the programming of events for the Paris Ile-de-France Business Club.

3,500 companies grouped together within the Paris Region Business Club

Created in 2018 by the Île-de-France Region, the Paris Region Business Club is the first entrepreneurial network in Île-de-France. Initially bringing together the companies assisted through the different existing devices (PM’up, TP’up, Innov’up, etc.), it pursues different objectives:

  • Promoting the winners of business aid and thus contribute to the development and influence of companies in Île-de-France and abroad thanks to a quality and recognized label.
  • Connecting economic actors through meetings, conferences and seminars
  • Set up a smart digital phone book
  • Promote the emergence of a true ecosystem of economic development and innovation by promoting regional action to make it even more accessible, efficient and rapid.

All partner companies benefit from the “Powered by Paris Region” labeltestimony to their high value-added offer, their financial solidity and their attractiveness to investors.

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