75% of merchants ready to use it

In an effort to improve the customer experience and attract more customers, more and more brands are investing in areas that interest their customers. Merchants, having understood that buyers like to buy with cryptos, have decided to adopt this means of payment too. Over 75% of retail managers are ready to adopt crypto payments.

Adoption of bitcoin and other cryptos by merchants

On July 30, Watcher.Guru stated in a tweet: “75% of Merchants Expected to Accept Cryptocurrency or Stablecoin Payments in the Next Two Years, Deloitte Survey Finds“. It just so happens that Deloitte recently surveyed 2,000 senior executives in the retail industry. These executives are part of the following sub-sectors: electronics, transport, food, beverages, fashion and cosmetics.

According to the survey, 83% of retailers believe that consumer interest in bitcoin and other digital currencies will be all the more significant by 2023. Just over half of them have proven to have invested more than a million dollars to enable digital payments.

Note that digital currencies like bitcoin (BTC) are quite volatile, and their prices change unpredictably. As for stablecoins, they derive their value from an asset to which they are pegged, making them rather stable. Many of them are now pegged to the US dollar or the euro.

Soon, consumers will be able to buy clothes, beverages, beauty products and other items with bitcoin (BTC). It must be said that more than 50% of merchants, ready to accept cryptos as a means of payment, do not wish to keep them. They planned to exchange them for fiat currency to reduce the risk of profiting.

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