7 reasons that will decide you to start your business

OFFICE LIFE – I started in 2011. I had left my job, I was unemployed, and I started blogging, with the crazy idea of ​​starting a business around it. Today, I don’t get 100% of my blog’s income, far from it, I’m also a freelance designer alongside this blog. But I created the life I wanted. An independent life, where I do business with whoever I want. It really starts with freedom…

It’s exhausting to start a business, it takes so much time and energy. That’s why I think an independent entrepreneur should mix business (for products that take a long time to develop) and freelance (immediately deliverable services).

There are those who do nothing. And there are those who will believe it, be a little crazy, who will act, and who in a few months, or years, will find themselves with their business, and the freedom to live as they see fit.

“I do not know how to do”, “I do not have enough money”, “I do not have time”, these excuses, I hear them constantly. These are excuses for living a mediocre, unfulfilling, average life since the dawn of time. Today, the current period, is the best time for anyone to start their business. Here are 7 great reasons why starting your own business isn’t as hard or scary as you think.

For almost 4 years now, there has not been a day when I have been bored. I laugh a little because sometimes I took so much in the face that, yes, indeed, I didn’t have time to get bored. Think of the race for customers, the barely paid invoices… But there are also all the good sides.

Before I was employed, from 22-23 to 30 years old. I was bored to death. Literally. There’s nothing exciting about being behind a desk for 20, 30, 40 years of your life.

Being an entrepreneur allows you to wear many hats. You can become a manager, marketer, designer, manager, accountant, SEO, salesperson, product creator, etc… You have the opportunity to master new skills and become more mature in a lot of areas of life.

But of course most people will say “But I don’t know how to touch HTML code…” It’s not death, it can be learned…

Before, to advance in your career, to elevate yourself socially, there were always key keepers on the way. Who could refuse, just because they didn’t like your face. There was no social media back then. No blogs.

In the digital age, key keepers have lost their power. You have direct access to consumers: those who care deducted the scores.

And if you have access to consumers, and they like what you do, then you become relevant. That’s how the Micro-Enterprise Fair selected me (along with other bloggers) to sponsor their show, and do a bit of promotion for me along the way.

What I mean is that nothing more obliges you to do their way. In the 21st century you can do your way.

What are you waiting for to create your own connections, your network?

Your job is not as secure as you think. Good except maybe if you are a civil servant (and again, it may decide in the workforce one day not so far).

The world of work is very changing today. You can be fired, the company that works for you can go under.

With entrepreneurship, your security comes from the fact that you are your own boss, you are in charge. No one better will come to replace you. Then anyway, if you have an entrepreneurial itch, you’ll never really be happy working for someone else.

Entrepreneurship has never been easier than it is today. Honestly, what do you have to lose? Alright, okay, time. Not even that, because the entrepreneurial experience and the skills you develop are a huge asset for the rest of your career. So what are you losing, money? Not even.

Whether you want to create a startup, or a solo business, what do you need? A good website (money well invested), year-round hosting, and… for the start, that’s enough.

The barriers to entry are very low, and the start-up costs minimal — Marc Simoncini also says so.

Today, most people can start a business, which would not have been possible 15 years ago. Advanced technologies in mobiles, social media have really elevated the game.

In my opinion, starting an online business only requires a few “big” expenses: a graphic designer for a logo and business cards (maybe 300 euros), a professional website with a designer (1000-1500 euros for a basic site), web hosting (30 euros/year).

Above all, you do not need employees.

This is the thing that blocks many aspiring entrepreneurs: ” I have no idea!!! ». But there are plenty of ideas.

There are also people who have lots of good ideas, but do nothing. Then one day someone realized the business they had the idea for… just the idea.

Look at the businesses that are being created today, well, of course there are the big revolutionaries Google or Facebook, but look at the small businesses (which represent the majority of businesses), these are just ideas from before in one little better.

It’s about you independent entrepreneurs just creating better, differentiated solutions to everyday life problems.

For me, life is not about getting up early, putting flour in your car, sitting at a desk, eating with your colleagues at 12 p.m., coming back to work until 6 p.m., then going home on autopilot. , only to repeat the same pattern the next day. No, life is smoother than that.

We need freedom. I can work very hard for a client, 13-14 hours a day, for 1 or 2 weeks. But I can also have empty weeks, 20 hours of work. You can watch Card castle until 2 a.m. I can decide to spend my Friday evening working on my future product. You can take 3 days to visit Sydney. You can spend time with your children, your family. You can take a nap at 3 p.m., because you’re tired of working. You can work a little on Sunday, and take Monday more to relax.

Don’t get stuck in the mundane repetitiveness of life.

If you’re willing to work hard for it…

On the other hand, you have to stop being delirious… I started, I earned zero euros with my business. Then months later, I was still earning zero euros. I was investing hundreds of hours just to actually learn. But, it’s nothing strange. Look at start-ups, it’s the same, they generate no profit during the first 2-3 years. If there wasn’t an investor who believed in the idea to inject capital, there wouldn’t be any start-ups.

But I’m not here to talk start-ups. I am focused on the creators of small independent businesses, bloggers, freelancers.

The biggest reason why people go into business for themselves is that you have no money limit to what you can earn.

A freelancer is a bit the same. Even if it is rare to see them earn more than 50-70,000 €/year in France. But you can start at €18-19,000, and quickly increase your rates as you gain experience and find better clients. You are unbridled.

The great thing about entrepreneurship is that to earn more, you don’t have to do office politics. No one to impress. No accountability to a patron. You don’t have to put your dreams aside.

Money may not buy happiness, but it does give you freedom – which isn’t bad.

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