5 tips to ensure your valuables are protected today

Create an inventory

Before even checking whether your home insurance contract covers your precious possessions, it is essential to take an inventory of them. This detailed list will allow you to list your items and estimate their value. Keep your invoices well and don’t hesitate to take a picture of your belongings. In the event of a claim, they will save experts time and trigger a police investigation in the event of theft. Certain ornamental objects (works of art, jewelry or old books, for example) may require the authentication of an expert who will confirm their real value. From this inventory, you will be able to check whether your home insurance policy covers your items at their fair value.

Read your insurance contract

Normally, your valuables must be protected by your insurance contract, but you should know that their coverage is not automatic. Hence the importance of reading your contract carefully. Today, as Lemonade offers for example, most modern insurance companies offer their members a high-performance online service. Among other things, it allows you to read your contracts without having to look for them in your archive boxes! It is therefore essential to properly decipher your contract and to contact your insurer in case of doubt. Some offers exclude valuables and sometimes the guarantee limits have not been calculated on the real value of the goods. Reading your contract in detail is also a way of checking that there is no discrepancy between the value of the goods and the capital guaranteed by the contract in the event of damage. In this case, your broker may advise you to review the guarantee limit and determine with him the right subscription method.

Declared value or agreed value

There are two subscription methods. The first, called declared value, is that of the subscriber who has revealed the value of his property himself. He must provide proof in the event of a claim or theft, via invoices or other proof that he has kept in a safe place. The second, called agreed value, is based on the estimate of an expert who will be responsible for giving an official value to your goods. It is on the basis of this expertise that the insurer calculates its limit of guarantee and it is perhaps this that will allow you to discover that you have treasures without knowing it!

check warranty exclusions

They are another important point to check with your insurer. Indeed, each company has exclusions of guarantees that it is important to know in order to avoid unpleasant surprises and possibly to update the terms of its contract. Indeed, some courtiers do not return valuables to a secondary residence. Others refuse to insure your belongings if you go on vacation with them, if you leave your home for too long or if you lend them to a third party without them being covered by their own insurance company. insurance. Finally, the fact of not meeting the requirements of your insurer in terms of security may also be decisive in the compensation in the event of a claim.

Meet special requirements

If it is important to estimate your goods at their fair value, it is just as important to estimate the security of your home at the level of what you have declared. Depending on the value of your items, the insurance company will be entitled to request enhanced levels of security. They will cover you in the event of any damage: a safe for jewellery, an armored door or additional locking points, an efficient remote monitoring system, etc. Without these special arrangements, the insurer will be entitled not to compensate you insofar as you have not followed its recommendations.

As you will have understood, taking out home insurance if you have valuables requires certain requirements. It is to act with great vigilance in reading your contract, to be fair in the evaluation of your property and not to hesitate to call on your insurer to check with him that the safety of your valuables is guaranteed and that They are protected by your contract. Because very often, to this market value, is added a sentimental value making these objects even more precious.


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