5 tips for developing your business in the regions

On the occasion of Parcours France, the Regional Projects Fair (9th edition in Paris – Espace Champerret on Tuesday, October 11), Antoine COLSON, co-founder of the event, gives us his five tips for developing your business in the regions!

Find the right spot!

It’s an obvious remark, but all cities and all regions have their specificity! It is therefore essential to find the right spot to develop your business in another region. If it is a commercial establishment, the competitive environment and the local market will be your main concerns. If it is, for example, an R&D or development unit or your head office, you will be very sensitive to local skills (is it easy to find/attract a web developer there?), to your quality of life and operational costs. Afterwards, nothing prevents you from going off the beaten track. The headquarters of Red Bull in Austria, for example, is on a small lake in the mountains, in a village of 1,000 inhabitants!

Create a local network…

It is essential to be identified quickly in your new region of establishment. By your local customers (it’s the easiest), by the public authorities who can often give you a helping hand, by local businesses and entrepreneurs (to benefit from their network, etc.) and more broadly to integrate you! A few simple ideas: join a club of entrepreneurs, attend professional events, meet people outside the professional context (sport, culture, family, etc.). The success of your business also depends on this!

Recruitment, the key to a successful implementation?

Make it a point of honor to recruit the right person! Your first employee will be your ambassador in your new city/region. It is important that he feels comfortable there and develops with confidence. Often a local recruit or one who knows the city can help you to go faster in the development of your business…

Do not have a priori

Do not have any local a priori. Don’t think in advance that the people of Marseille are like this and the people of Normandy are like that… Most of the time, these preconceptions will follow you and penalize you! Also explore several options for implementation. Often, to develop in the West, companies turn to Nantes or Rennes. But why not Saint-Malo? Or Rouen? Or at Le Mans? Compare before choosing, without giving in to clichés!

Get started, make your first contacts!

Do you have an idea of ​​a destination for your business? Go for it, take the first TGV to do your scouting. On this occasion, multiply contacts and appointments. They will quickly give you the temperature! I advise you to meet the local actors of entrepreneurship, real estate agents, the local bank or accountant branch and to make disinterested appointments with members of your network… they will undoubtedly give you good advice!

On the occasion of PARCOURS FRANCE 2016, Dynamique Entrepreneuriale will lead a workshop at 5:15 p.m. entitled “Create, develop or use your network in the region! “.


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