5 good business and marketing books to offer for Christmas

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Mercator – All marketing in the era of data and digital

The marketing bible returns in its 13th edition. This new version presents current marketing trends and incorporates the contributions of digital. A great step forward, therefore, at a time when an online presence is essential for companies. Very concrete with its many examples and practical cases, this essential work is suitable for students, but also for entrepreneurs in the marketing adventure.

Order this book: Mercator – All about marketing in the era of data and… by Arnaud de Baynast

The 100 golden rules of positive and happy management

A promotion at work? The creation of a company with a team to manage? In this guide, Magalie Mounier-Poulat gives 100 keys to practicing positive management. Exit the pressure, the tensions and the sanctions, this book gives everything you need to become a happy manager with a happy team.

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To crush ! – Excel beyond your expectations…

In the age of the internet, it has become possible to sell products all over the world. To get the most out of it, Gary Vaynerchuck gives you, in this book, the tips that enabled him, in just a few years, to turn a simple wine and spirits shop into an international company.

Order this book: Crush It! – Excel beyond your expectations… by Gary Vaynerchuck

Resilience Quotient – At the Heart of Human Developed Leadership

Resilience is the ability to bounce back, to emerge stronger from the ordeals that one overcomes. In this guide, Alexia Michiels invites you to develop your leadership by valuing the resilience of your team members. A new way of looking at management, with a benevolent and positive outlook.

Order this book: Resilience Quotient – At the heart of leadership… by Alexia Michiels

The (in)human Comedy – Why companies scare away the best

For Nicolas Bouzou and Julia De Fun├Ęs, business management is most often likened to a tragicomedy. Between completely insane operations, which push employees to burn-out or bore-out and false good ideas to encourage them and create a pleasant environment for them, nothing is going right. Here is a book that encourages thinking in more detail to create the management of tomorrow.

Order this book: The (in)human Comedy – Why the… by Nicolas Bouzou

Providing the keys to moving towards professional success is the common objective of all the works in our selection. You will of course find many others on the pages of Decitre.fr

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