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published by Hugo Plassot-Moizan on Jan 13, 2022 at 3:39 p.m.

Google Earth is a revolutionary tool to guide us. The service Google Earth is a software developed by the Google company, allowing a visualization of the Earth with an assembly of aerial or satellite photographs. The system covered the entire globe and in particular certain places that are inaccessible on foot or by land vehicle.

But thanks to Google Earth, you can still find completely unusual and preserved places around the world. Here is a selection of unusual places that can be seen on the navigation application.

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Airstrips in the desert (32.663367, -111.487618) Eloy, Arizona, USA

airplane runway

Mattel Logo (33.921277, -118.391674) El Segundo, CA, USA

board game

Oil fields (37°39’16.06″S 68°10’16.42″W) Río Negro Province, Argentina

field in argentina

Largest swimming pool in the world (-33.350534, -71.653268) Algarrobo, Chile

big pool

Solar Field (Solar Project) (34.871778, -116.834192) Daggett, CA, USA

full of satellites

Potash Ponds (Intrepid Potash) (38°29’0.16″N 109°40’52.80″W) Moab, Utah, USA

neon blue

Barringer meteor crater (35.027185, -111.022388) Winslow, Arizona, USA

big green circle

Giza Antarctica (–79.977350, -81.962046)

antarctic egypt

Uluru / Ayers Rock (-25.344375, 131.034401) Australia

australia monument

Mystery Drawing (37.629562, -116.849556) Nevada, USA

strange shape

Mysterious drawing in the desert (27°22’50.10″N, 33°37’54.62″E) Red Sea Governorate, Egypt

egypt desert

Giant Triangle (33.747252, -112.633853) Wittmann, Arizona, USA

triangle engraved in the ground

Salt pans in Qinghai, China (38.073490, 90.998652)

bathing pond

Lucky Maze in Dublin (53.408405,-6.262425)

natural form

The Guardian Badlands (50° 0’38.20″N 110° 6’48.32″W) Walsh, Canada

mountain in the face

Coca Cola logo (-18.529211, -70.249941) Region of Arica and Parinacota, Chile

desert character

Hamad’s Letters, Al Futaisi Island

first name water

A building with a weird shape… (41.84201, -89.485937) Dixon, Illinois, USA

sex building

An island in a lake in an island in a lake (69.793° N, 108.241° W) Canadian North

island in lake in island

Giant Flag of Northern Cyprus (35.282902, 33.376891) Kyrenia, Cyprus

north cyprus

UTA Flight 772 Memorial (16.864841, 11.953808) Ténéré Desert, Niger

plane crash

Land Art in Bahrain (25.844363, 50.603442)

island in desert

Batman Sign (26.357896, 127.783809) Okinawa, Japan

dc bat logo

Concentric circles (39.623119, -107.635353) New Castle, Colorado, USA

lawn circle

Giant Target (37.563936, -116.85123) Nevada, USA

round line mountain

Aircraft Graveyard (32 08’59.96″N, 110 50’09.03″W) Tucson, Arizona

plane at the end

The Atacama Giant (19°56’56.96″S 69°38’1.83″W) Huara, Tarapacá, Chile

drink logo

Heart Shaped Lake (41.303921, -81.901693) Columbia Station, Ohio, USA

mini lake

A natural heart shape (20°56’15.47″S, 164°39’30.56″E) New Caledonia

river water

A Strange Symbol (37.401573, -116.867808) Nevada, USA

strange round

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