2022-2023 season: affiliations, licenses and insurance


2022-2023 season: affiliations, licenses and insurance

As part of the 2022-2023 season, we are pleased to inform you of the amounts for club affiliations and the amounts of the FFE contribution for the different types of licenses, voted at the last General Assembly.

We also inform you of the obligations in terms of insurance, as described in the attached note and the license memento to be signed by your future licensees.

Clubs: FFE affiliation rates

Licenses and insurance: what you need to know

Insurance options:

  • P = Without individual accident
  • 0 = Civil Liability + Individual Accident
  • + = Additional guarantee and greater compensation

The price of the FFE license is fixed each year by the General Assembly of the Federation. This price includes the price of the group insurance offered by the Federation for liability and damage insurance cover for each license holder.

Membership of this group insurance (Option 0) is not an obligation, but you should know that the insurance in question was negotiated by the Federation in a very favorable way and allows the license holder who chooses it, broad guarantees for a very reduced price.

The license holder can choose option P (without individual accident) or additional cover (Option +), the latter being recommended for teachers in particular.

Finally, the price of the FFE license (or federal share) must not be confused, where applicable, with the fee collected by the Regional Committees, Interdepartmental Committees or Departmental Committees for the financing of their own activities and whose quantities are fixed at their discretion. Only the amounts of the federal share and the regional share are deducted via the Federation.

Licenses and insurance: issued to related documents

Licences: FFE contributions

Licenses: the Pass’Sport renewed at the start of the school year

The Pass’Sport is a back-to-school sports allowance of 50 euros per eligible child/young adult to finance all or part of their registration in an eligible sports structure for the 2022-2023 season..

An announcement by the President of the Republic dated June 2022 mentions an extension of the Pass’sport to scholarship students aged 18 to 25, but this information has not yet been officially published.

In the meantime, the beneficiaries are:

Born between September 16, 2004 and December 31, 2016 and you benefit from the ARS (6 to 17 years old)

Born between June 1, 2002 and December 31, 2016 and you benefit from the AEEH (6 to 20 years old)

Born between September 16, 1991 and December 31, 2006 and you benefit from the AAH (16 to 30 years old)

ARS: Back-to-school allowance

AEEH: Disabled Child Education Allowance

AAH: Disabled Adult Allowance


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