171.43 km/h: new speed record for elbow pose by Bertrand Gold of Moto Revue

Under the control of a bailiff, Bertrand Gold, journalist at Moto Revue, broke the speed record for elbow pose on the Paul Ricard circuit at a speed of 171.43 km / h this Thursday, July 28, 2022. The motorcycle used was a Honda CBR 1000 RR-R SP, in standard configuration and fitted with Pirelli Diablo Superbike tyres.

The raw information is as follows: this Thursday, July 28, on the Paul Ricard circuit, Bertrand Gold from the editorial staff of Moto Revue, placed his elbow for a long time at the measured speed of 171.43 km/h. This speed was recorded by a Tag Heuer measuring device, kindly made available to us by the De Radiguès Rider School. This speed was also noted by a bailiff, Maître Maxime Pepratx from the Bandol office.

So much for the facts. To enrich the text, know that this record was established in the famous Signs curve, and therefore to the right of the side of the throttle, on the legendary route of Paul Ricard, which will host the Bol d’Or for its 100th anniversary , from September 16 to 18. The idea of ​​this “record which is useless except to be beaten” came following the publication of articles reporting performances of the same kind. Indeed, Josh Herrin, initiated this useless and fantastic feat with the speed of 162.4 km / h on the Buttonwillow track, in California, in February 2021. Note, the American driver, still active, had achieved this speed by landing his left elbow, which appears more obvious to the pilots who appear there. A few months later, in October 2021, it was Fabian Dresler, journalist editor of the German magazine Motorrad and PS, who set a new speed record with 168.65 km/h, on the Slovakia Ring circuit and this time in a right turn.

Speed ​​and elbow record set for Moto Revue, it’s done!

Records, even those that may pass for c.. records, are made to be broken. Also, at the very end of the article on the record of our German colleague, we are already talking about the possibility of beating this record internally, knowing that we submit within our motorcycle information center, sufficiently talented test journalists to achieve this (2 or 3…), or enough players too (2)… Neither one nor two, Bertrand Gold replied immediately: “ 168.65 km/h? I think it’s playable “. The idea caught on and we decided to really give it a try this summer. We made an appointment with the Paul Ricard circuit for this provisional car. Only the mythical southern route allows you to pass the elbow on the ground with such high speed. In this case within the no less legendary curve of Signes which follows the straight line of the Mistral. The motorcycle used for this feat was the Honda CBR 1000 RR-R SP which we chose to recover a graphic decoration kit from Kutvek in honor of the 100th anniversary of the Bol d’Or. The bike could have come by road, but we trucked it in and just dropped off its mirrors for cosmetic reasons. In addition, Bertrand is used to driving in races without the visual hindrance of these homologation appendices, so it was logical. The circuit was not privatized in its entirety, especially since the dismantling of the infrastructures linked to the Formula 1 French GP was in full swing. However, the safety conditions were there with a secure zone upstream and downstream of the Signes bend. Also for obvious safety reasons, the Fireblade was fitted with slick tires (commercial Pirelli Diablo Superbike), covered with electric blankets between the test tracks. The performance could have been achieved with sculpted tyres, but during the preparations, we chose to play it safe as much as possible. No need to play with the skin of one of ours…

Crisp anecdote, Bertrand had imagined his protocol: “ I thought at the start to stall at a given speed, for example, 155 km/h, and throw myself into Signes without touching the brakes, but after a few passages, I understood that it was not working at all. I still have benchmarks here in testing and in the race and it’s much more natural for me to stay in race mode; accelerate full throttle, brake, aim for the tip of the rope with the brakes, I was taking around 280 km/h before grabbing the lever to switch into Signs with speed and it’s true that this curve is magic when you see it appear the vibrator at more than 180 km/h and that you have more angle than you put on the road… Editor’s note: we don’t have the same benchmarks.

record Motorcycle Review Elbow Pose

The Honda Fireblade has received a graphic kit in honor of the 100th anniversary of the Bol d’Or. We had to score!

Maître Maxime Pepratx, bailiff for the Bandol study, was expected at 2 p.m. at the site of this attempt and we had two hours in the morning to carry out dynamic tests and some cell adjustments. Bertrand, accustomed to the fact, did not take long to get into action: 150 km/h knee on the ground, 156 km/h knee on the ground, 161 km/h elbow placed… 163.56 km/h elbow rubbed several times in a row with metronome regularity both on the chosen trajectory and the opening of the throttle. A few adjustments to maps and electronic suspension modes later to provide more stability on the angle and Bertrand set off again. A race at 156 km/h to heat up the right flank and boom! 171km/h! The record was in the box. The bailiff was able to see on his arrival the performance that Bertrand Gold was happy to re-edit before his eyes. Three attempts were sufficient to obtain the speed recorded by the Tag Heuer tool, which displayed 171.43 km/h. And here is a record that falls into the lap of the editorial staff of Moto Revue and under the elbow of Bertrand Gold. We had no doubts about its abilities, even if the stress was present during the first tests. Your author, at the initiative of the project, had no desire to put Bertrand under pressure if he was far from the goal during the first runs. Especially with the fact of attempting this record in a right turn, because the elbow which then rubs at this speed is obviously linked to the right hand, which controls the throttle of the formidable CBR and its 217.5 furious horsepower… is agitated not to tremble on the angle there!

Some will say that this record is useless and it is true, all well thought out. Others will argue that all MotoGP riders do better every weekend, already read on social networks, but it’s their job and they don’t use the same equipment… On site, the enthusiasm for the entourage of the circuit was palpable and the performance has already exhilarated some French drivers. That’s what leads us to believe that this record will certainly be broken one day or another, but as things stand, it’s here in the editorial office and it’s really nice to have it!

As a bonus gift, if you are visiting the next Bol d’Or, from September 16 to 18, you can find the Honda CBR 1000 RR-R SP of this record in a setting. It will be inclined with the same degree of angle as that made by Bertrand and you will be able to sit on its edge. By posting your photo on Instagram with the recommended tags on site, you may be drawn to win the same Ixon suit worn by Bertrand on this feat, in your size of course and new up to the elbow!

The motorcycle was standard. Subsequently, we removed the mirrors. The bracelet half handlebars have been opened up a few degrees for more comfort, but not moved.

Off-the-shelf Pirelli Diablo Superbike Slicks tires were fitted to ensure maximum safety for Bertrand. We do not derogate with the “safety”.

This CBR, that one, you can ride on it at the next Bol d’Or, from September 16 to 18, and it will be placed on the corner in a great setting to immortalize Your elbow on the ground! As a bonus, the possibility of winning an Ixon suit similar to the one used during the feat, with your waist and elbow intact!

For Bertrand, the Signes curve was fully privatized, all that was needed was to put on the gas and take the angle, not too much anyway… tough day!

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