10 use cases where business intelligence boosts your daily tools!

Whether you are CFO, CEO, DSI or Data manager, in 2021, Business Intelligence, data and analytics are at the heart of your concerns. By downloading this white paper, you will discover how to make your applications smarter. With Hyperintelligence, you can inject analytics and “intelligence” directly into your browsing experience, apps, or website. Objective: optimize your time and go further in data analysis.


In this ebook, MicroStrategy tells you how Business Intelligence can help drive revenue growth for your business. The idea is simple: by analyzing all the data collected from various applications, the Hyperintelligence tool is able to make your business smarter by helping your teams achieve their goals. Creating smart maps within your favorite applications will allow you to work more productively.

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If today you realize that you do not have time to analyze enough data within your structure, this white paper could well be of great use to you. Indeed, as MicroStrategy explains, there are solutions to avoid having to search for this data. The HyperIntelligence tool was precisely designed for this.

By downloading this white paper, you will discover several use cases. Imagine that you have to go to a meeting with a client in 5 minutes but that you haven’t had time to prepare for the interview… A situation that can arise quite frequently. The tool developed by MicroStrategy integrates with your calendar and can provide you with all the information you need in seconds.

Hundreds of organizations around the world are working on Business Intelligence, to enrich their browsing experience. In its white paper, MicroStrategy also presents the example of a healthcare establishment. In this specific case, Business Intelligence can reduce the pressure on front-line healthcare personnel thanks to reliable and secure patient cards, which provide an overview of their drug needs.


In this ebook, you will also discover the case of a recruiter. Here, Business Intelligence helps streamline the way your HR teams manage each job posting in their day-to-day applications. We know that recruitment processes can be long and difficult to follow. Data is almost never available on a single platform. With a Business Intelligence tool, you can monitor the status of your offers and the progress of recruitment more effectively. MicroStrategy collects, for example, your data on TalentNest, LinkedIn Recruiter, Taleo, Workday, Salesforce or SmartRecruiters.

Last example, to access the others, you will have to download the MicroStrategy white paper. The application of Business Intelligence is essential in the supply chain field to streamline the strategy of supply chain managers. With a suitable tool, you will be able to provide key performance indicators on the products and parts supplied by each supplier in order to quickly assess the effectiveness of each of your contracts.

These are just a few potential use cases. The possibilities are endless for forward-thinking companies. As you will have understood, Business Intelligence makes it possible to create value throughout the company. To find out how you too can take advantage of this potential, download MicroStrategy’s white paper.


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