▷ The 5 new Google My Business in 2021 for your business

Google My Business is an important tool today, especially in 2021. If you have a physical location or multiple outlets, you know what I’m talking about. Google My Business allows you to generate a better turnover provided you have a good local referencing. Last time, I had the opportunity to talk about google my business websites or tips for getting more reviews on your Google My Business listing. I’m going to tell you today the 5 new features and tips for 2021 to develop your local visibility and a bonus!

1- Google my Business messages

The feature is now available on desktop since early March 2021.

Previously, the feature was only available to Google My Business app users.

You had to activate it from your phone to hope to have direct messages from Internet users. It is now possible to reply and send messages from your GMB account on a computer.

This allows you to answer questions from Internet users and get them to come and buy from you. From the form, you can have a small message window.

2- Covid 19 Google my Business attributes

This one is quite hidden on your Google My Business listing. It allows you to tell your customers that you respect health standards (wearing a mask, respecting barrier gestures).

It is quite interesting because if a customer searches for your business on the web, the Covid 19 attributes are visible. These attributes are all the more important for hotel communication during this period.

If you have several sheets, this can quickly become a lot of work, there are solutions to allow you to change them on several sheets at once.

3- Questions and answers

This isn’t really a new feature, yet many businesses aren’t aware of people asking questions about their listings.

The “Questions and Answers” ​​section of GMB unfortunately gives malicious Internet users the possibility of answering for you if you are not careful.

Google My Business does not notify by email all the time. You can find all your Questions and Answers on certain tools such as LocalRanker for example and answer them with an official answer. If you have several establishments, it’s even more convenient to answer all your points of sale questions in one place.

4- Get more reviews from your customers

Reviews are the sinews of war to be more visible on the Google search engine.

Reviews allow you to have a better referencing (better position on search engines) and allow you to distinguish yourself from your competitors.

Imagine a user choosing between a restaurant with 200 reviews or another with only 15 reviews.

The answer seems obvious.

This is why you must regularly, I did say regularly, collect opinions and respond to them.

5- The Covid Google My Business post

This is a feature that allows business owners to put a message on their profile regarding the status of their business. It is quite important because you can notify your customers quickly about changes related to your business.

Bonus- The Google My Business review management tool

The brand new that is not necessarily integrated on GMB is the review management tool.

It allows you to follow up with the status of your requests and your opinions indicated on your file. It’s okay if you have a review that doesn’t meet Google My Business standards.

I remind you that it is impossible to delete a review if it meets Google’s standards, but it is possible to collect more positive reviews to cover the bad reviews.

You can also make face-to-face or SMS requests with the Review Booster:

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